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Problems with your payment method?

Information about payment of Skimore Memberships 

Why do the payment fail? 

Credit card

I have been notified that my payment has failed. Why?

There can be several reasons:
lack of account coverage, card expired or blocked, or something else failed.

How many times do you try to withdraw money on the card?
We try to withdraw the amount 4 times once per day.
If we fail, then the invoice will remain unpaid. 
You must then contact [email protected] and ask us to try to withdraw the amount, if you have coverage. - or you can change your creditcard.
See explanation below.

Make sure there is enough money in the account around due date of your subscription, or check if your card is still valid.

Is money automatically drawn from the card?
When a new card is activated, provided there is coverage, outstanding invoices will be paid.

I've added a new card, but it doesn't look like it's being activated.
If you have already added a new card but have not been able to activate it yourself, send us an email with the last 4 digits of the desired card - then we will activate it for you.

I want to switch to Avtalegiro. How do I do that?
We have no solution ready to switch from card payment to agreement giro. Sorry about that.


I have been notified that my payment has failed. Why?

There can be several reasons for this, lack of account coverage, monthly deduction set up with too low max amount, you stopped the payment or something else failed.

If you see payments that have not been deducted, you can pay them manually with the KID number.

Make sure there is enough money in the account around the due date, set up the deduction max amount by 3 times the amount of the monthly deduction. We deduct only the agreed amount.

I've switched banks. How to set up a new Avtalegiro?
Unfortunately, you have to switch to payment by card. You can do this yourself in the app under Account / Payment method. See explanation below.

I want to switch to payment by card. How do I do that?
You then go in and delete the Avtalegiro mendate agreement in your bank. It may take up to 48 hours for us to register that action.
Then add a new payment method, see explanation below.

Do you have any other questions as to why you received reminders
on missing payments or not able to  pay, get in touch:  
[email protected]

I want to switch to another Creditcard.
How do I do that?

If you want to switch to another card - this can be done in the app: under Account / Payment method.

You then enter new card details first, and then you have to activate it afterwards. You do this by choosing the card - the same place.
Remember to have the latest version of the app downloaded.

There are two ways to get to your account.
Get into the app.
Click on your profile in the upper right corner, this will take you directly to "My Account"
Click on account in the footer menu this will take you to "My membership"

When you are on "My Membership" you must either click on "My Account" or swipe the screen to the left.
"My account"
Scroll down ok click "Payment Method"
then click "Change Payment Method"
In the change payment method window, you can select another card or add a new card.
If you add a new card please select the new card after it appears in the list ...

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