Climbing Park

The Climbing Park in Skimore Drammen consists of over 70 elements with varying degrees of difficulty. The minimum height is 110 cm to be able to use the children’s trails. From a height of 140 cm, the entire climbing park is accessible. The entire climbing park is secured with a continuous lifeline. This means that you are connected to the safety wire at all times and there are no carabiners to be taken on and off from item to item. You are secured from the start until you finish.

The biggest challenges are the Speedy Zip-Line and the GURI MALLA jump. Here you can achieve a speed of up to 65 km / h. When you enter the platform, you can choose to jump out of the jumping tower at about 12 meters above the ground or walk the ladder down from the tower. Everything takes place in safe and controlled forms.

This is really a short-distance kick in everyday life!

Opening hours