Special rules for all Skimore resorts

The following rules apply to all Skimore members and all guests who use Skimore’s resorts.

Special rules for creating and using keycards / memberships
1.1. Creation of membership

Recognizable facial image is mandatory.

For example, it is not allowed to have pictures of animals, nature, cartoon characters or other avatars on your profile.

It must be an easily recognizable close-up, without the use of ski goggles / sunglasses, face mask, image filters etc.

The membership / keycard is personal and should not be lent out.

1.2 Special for family membership

Establishment of family membership can only include family members who live at a common residential address in the same household.

If you create a family membership that includes people outside the family in the same household,

the entire family membership will be revoked for the rest of the season, without any form of refund or crediting of future invoices.

1.3 Lost / forgotten keycard

In case of a lost keycard, the fee is NOK 160 to get a new keycard. If you bring a valid keycard, the fee is NOK 100.

Remember to report to Skimore as soon as possible, so it can be blocked for any abuse.

In case of forgotten Keycard, the fee for replacement cards is NOK 100.

1.4 Withdrawal of keycard

In the event of incorrectly stated personal details and / or photo when purchasing membership/keycard, this will be revoked.

In the event of a breach of the FIS rules, the lift card can be revoked.

Using another person’s membership/keycard results in the forfeiture of the card, without any form of refund or credit of future invoices.

Confiscated keycards can be picked up by the rightful owner for a fee of NOK 1,500.

Special rules for freezing membership in the event of injury / illness

Membership can be frozen for a specified period if a member becomes ill or injured – and therefore can not use the membership.

The member is obligated to notify Skimore within a reasonable time after the injury / illness occurred.

A valid medical certificate is required stating the start and end time.

Invoices that have already been sent out must be paid – then we will freeze for the specified period in future invoice (s).

The binding time will be correspondingly extended when freezing.

If the member is part of a family package, the monthly price will be reduced in% – corresponding to the number in the family package.

If, for example, there is a family of 4 and one is injured, the monthly price will be reduced by 25% in the specified period.