Infection Control

Skimore OSlo 23.01.21:

In accordance with current infection control rules, the lifts, ski rental and ski service are open. Restaurants and everything else that is indoors is closed. Toilets are kept open.

Ski school opens again this wednesday, 3rd of February 10:00.


Lift pass

Our resorts have a large capacity per hour, but still be aware that the plant can be closed temporarily in situations where the plant is full according to Alpinanleggenes Landsforening’s council regarding maximum limit / maximum number of guests in the facility.

We will also prioritize our members and stop selling day passes if the facility is full.

The app can be found in Google Play and the Appstore.

Lift tickets purchased in the app can be picked up at checkouts and ticket booths in our facilities. Immediately, it will also be possible to pick up cards in our outdoor pick up points around the clock, using a QR code found in the Skimore app. Always keep a distance of 1 meter, also in the queue for pick up points.

All guests who buy lift tickets in our Skimora facilities are required to follow the infection control advice, and stay at home if they do not feel well.

Violation of these rules may result in expulsion from the facility.

With our Covid 19 guarantee, you buy a secure membership with us.

Ski lifts
Guests must keep a distance of 1 meter to other than their own travel companion and their own household members.

On that note:

• Take the elevator with your own
• Keep a distance from others you do not come with – both in the elevator and in the facility in general

We in the facilities:

Uses a face mask / mask if we need help in the lift
• Facilitates good compliance with infection control and contact-reducing measures in queues and lifts

Chair lift and t-bar
• There should be two seats between strangers (1 meter)

Exception: Household members and travel companions can drive together

• Only one person on each hook

Exception: Household members and travel companions can drive together

Other exceptions for distance in the lift:

• People who are in the same cohort in kindergarten or primary school

• Persons under the age of 20 who participate in activity camps, cultural schools, camp schools, school graduations, other school-like leisure or holiday activities, and those who are responsible for the events

Ski and equipment rental
We have the following routines:

• We facilitate a queuing system that reduces the accumulation of people

• We encourage everyone to wear a face mask and we keep a good distance from those cases where this is not possible

• We encourage our guests to pay by card, or preferably book and pay in advance

• We set up a one-way movement pattern inside the room

• Information on information about infection control and distance is provided with posters and floor foil

• All helmets are disinfected after use and quarantined

• Spells are delivered by us and are placed so that guests themselves can not touch them

• All contact surfaces are washed and disinfected regularly

• The premises and equipment are sprayed with Saftey Spray

• The premises are equipped with Ozone lamps that break down viruses and bacteria

• All employees work with gloves and face masks

• We set a limit on the number of guests inside the room at the same time

• Employees with any symptoms are not allowed to be quiet at work

• Service guard on arrival who guides the guests where to go for rent etc.

Ski school
Sick persons and persons in quarantine shall not participate in ski school either as a participant or instructor

• Good hand hygiene is ensured

• Maximum 10 people per group

• Regular disinfection of equipment

Restaurants and shops
Our restaurants will be open as usual and here it is encouraged to follow the general guidelines regarding distance and serving at the tables.

Our shops / sports shops / ski service will also be open, but in all contexts we encourage people to do the following:

ALWAYS wear a face mask if you cannot keep a distance of 1 meter.

• Ask the operator before trying on clothes, glasses, helmets, etc.

• Avoid touching things you are not going to buy

Keep a distance of 1 meter from employees and others you are not in a family or cohort with.