Cross Country Skiing

Cross-country skiing

The nicest alternative is to take the chairlift to the top up on Knutefjellet, then walk towards Haus Sachsen, which is approx. 4 km away.

Then those who want to can go to Knutehytta which is 3 or 5.5 km away (depending on whether you walk Eriksløypa or Rennene).

The total ascent from the lift to Knutehytta is approx. 200 meters.

Estimated time from the lift to Saxony is 30 minutes, from Saxony to Knutehytta 45 minutes.

Down again you drive a Kemner trail to Saxony, and then choose whether you want to pass the lift top and the so-called Korsveien down, or drive down the Kemner trail. The latter option is somewhat more demanding than Korsveien. The descent from Knutehytta takes from 30 to 45 minutes.

Hope this does not sound too complicated; it is not!

Another option is to go inland from the valley station. There is a light trail of approx. 8 km with moderate ascent. It is also possible to walk Korsveien from the valley station and up the mountain.

Those who want it can take the chairlift down again for free if they have ridden up with it earlier in the day!

See on our pre-registration page how the conditions on the hiking trails are.