Ski School

Ski school is about mastering downhill skiing and snowboarding, but also the joy of being out, being active and doing something together.

The ski school is both for beginners on skis and snowboards but also for you who want to further develop yourself.

In addition to pure skiing skills, you learn, among other things, where you should stop on the slopes and pay attention to others, crossing trails, etc.

This is extremely important to reduce the risk of an accident.

The ski school offers weekend courses and private lessons.

To participate in weekend alpine courses, you must be 7 years old.

The ski school teaches children under 7 years, but then it is only private lessons. 1 child and 1 ski instructor.


For children going to Ski School. It can be nice and pleasant to talk

with the child about the ski school a few days before the first day of ski school.

Is there anything special the child wants to learn? Is there anything special like

ski instructors should know about the child?

What is the child looking forward to / dreads?


If you have questions or comments, as well as a desire to

rental equipment, we are happy to take this at the first meeting. Therefore, show up well in advance of the class.

A ski school hour is 45 minutes. We recommend a double hour, as the student gets more out of 2 teaching hours. Beginners must have double class.

The weekend course presupposes a minimum number of participants.

Remember that it takes some time to rent ski equipment, put on ski shoes, talk a little with the ski instructor, etc. For you as a parent, it is important that you are out well in advance, at least 30 minutes before the class begins.

If you do not have your own equipment, you can rent this favorably for only NOK 100 per day when you are at ski school. Lift tickets are included in the price during teaching time. Our experience is that you get far more in return for 2 hours of teaching. We recommend booking 2 hours. In addition, lift passes are included for the rest of the evening / day after the class ends, when you have 2 hours of ski school.

Our experienced ski instructors welcome you to an educational day on the slopes!

If you have questions about the ski school, this is done per. mail to XXXXXXXXXX

Remember the benefit discount weekend course if you are a Skimore member!