Ski School

The ski school in Skimore Kongsberg is closed for the season.

Through play and learning that provides mastery, we will inspire skiing and snowboarding joy that lasts a lifetime. This applies equally to the joy of being out, being active and doing something together.



Beyond pure skiing skills, there is plenty of other things you will learn. You learn, among other things, where you should stop on the ground and pay attention to others, crossing trails, etc. This is extremely important to reduce the chance of ending up in an accident.

Covid-19 warranty:
If the ski school closes due to Covid-19, the course fee is credited for the relevant course days. Both the ski centers and the ski schools follow state guidelines as well as industry-specific guidelines for measures / handling related to reducing the risk of infection associated with Covid 19.

Collaborating ski schools:
Skimore Drammen and Skimore Kongsberg collaborate on ski school.
Skimore Kongsberg is particularly suitable for beginners. The reason for this is that Skimore Kongsberg has its own area, with its own slope that is suitable for beginners. The area has its own elevator and rolling sidewalks. Ie. a complete area for teaching beginners. Skimore Kongsberg offers both weekend courses and private lessons. The weekend course has 90 minutes of teaching on Saturday and 90 minutes of teaching on Sunday.

Drammen ski center focuses on private lessons.

Private hour (s) or weekend course:
The advantage of weekend courses is that you join a group, meet like-minded people and thereby have a common “journey” to master. Depending on how many people have signed up, the weekend course will have a minimum of 2 ski instructors.

At Private Hour (s), we will focus entirely on you. In private hours, our experience is that you are far happier when you have a double hour, ie 90 minutes. The price per. hour is also more beneficial when booking a double hour. A single hour is 45 minutes.

We recommend private lessons for adults.

If you do not have a lift pass, we offer the lift pass for the teaching. You can also use the lift pass for the rest of the teaching day.

It is only electronic registration. The registration is not valid until you have paid. Registration is binding. The registration shows available hours.

NB! Carefully read the information below in connection with the registration. Registration for the ski school is done here.

Tips for Kids in Ski School:
It can be nice and pleasant to talk to the child about the ski school a few days before the child goes to the ski school. Is there anything special the child wants to learn? Is there anything special that ski instructors should know about the child?


Everything takes much longer than most people think. Children are prone to stress. Therefore, it is wise to have extra time when you go to ski school. Time for a good breakfast. Time to get dressed and transport yourself at a leisurely pace. Plenty of time to rent skis (there can be a big queue). Time to orientate yourself in the ski resort, time to go to the toilet etc. A calm start, makes it even more likely that your child will thrive in the ski school☺

The statement that there is no bad weather, but only bad clothes apply to the highest degree to children in the ski school. The ski school is carried out as long as the slopes and lifts are open. We are lucky where the lifts and slopes in our ski resorts are in relatively sheltered areas. It therefore takes an extra lot for the weather to stop us from being outside. On the contrary, it is good for the child to learn that it is fine to be outside, even if it is cold, windy or raining.

If you have questions, information or if you want to rent equipment, we are happy to take this at the first meeting, so meet well in advance of the class.

In order for the child not to have shared attention, we recommend in most cases that the parent is not present during the course.



Private lesson (45min)750,-
+ pr. extra person290,-
Private lesson double (90min)1 150,-
+ pr. extra person390,-
Weekend course Saturday and Sunday (Min 3 participants)990,-


If you have equipment that you are absolutely sure is ok, you should be ready at least 15 minutes before the class starts.

If you do not have equipment, you must be at least 30 minutes before the ski school starts.

Groups and skills Alpine skiing:
We try as best we can to put together groups that are as similar as possible in both age and skill. However, this is very difficult before we have been skiing together. However, the following gives a good clue.

Roughly, we divide age into two age groups and two skill levels (green and blue), when registering. This is so that the ski instructor must be as well prepared as possible. Green is a beginner, blue a little practiced.

Private hours:
We can teach alpine, telemark and alpine at all levels. If you want teaching at an advanced level, or at telemark, report well in advance.

In order for the child to have as much profit as possible, you should try to book the lessons early in the day. The teaching takes place in a playful way where we use play and visual images that are adapted to the child and that we have experience of working.

The teaching is adapted to skill and level.

If you do not have a lift pass, we offer the lift pass for the teaching. You can also use the lift pass for the rest of the teaching day.

Beginner. We get to know the equipment, learn to turn, brake, stop and emergency brake.

The teaching is adapted to skill and level.

Advanced course. For those who drive down the main trail in the ski center without assistance. We are still working on speed control but challenge the balance by using the terrain even more. Depending on the skill, we may take a short walk in the park. Ingenious ski school for the good skier. The teaching is adapted to skill and level.

The teaching takes place in a playful way that is adapted to the participants’ skills and age.

If you do not have a lift pass, we offer the lift pass for the teaching. You can also use the lift pass for the rest of the teaching day.

Attendance outside the entrance to the ski rental.

Beginner course. We get to know the equipment, learn to turn, brake, slide, stop and emergency brake. The teaching is adaptable to skill.

A little practice course. We work with speed control and not least train the balance and technique to become a better skier. The teaching is adaptable to skill.

Our ski instructors welcome you to an educational day on the slopes!

Contact to the ski school:

Kongsberg: [email protected]