Climbing Park

Fly high in the city’s best playground!

Do you want to be able to swing among the trees, challenge yourself in the heights and experience Oslo at its best? Then you must try our own climbing park in scenic surroundings.

The climbing park at Tryvann in Oslo Summer Park is Scandinavia’s most visited and was built together with Høyt & Lavt in 2012.

What is a climbing park? Our climbing park is simply an amusement park up in the trees. You can choose between several trails and skill levels. The trails consist of various obstacles, nets, swing bridges, tunnels, ladders, balance and rope elements, etc. on wires between high posts and trees.

The climbing park in the height We have over 220 elements in the trees distributed on 12 different trails with varying degrees of difficulty. Here are challenges for all ages and levels! The trails are from 0.5 meters above the ground where you can hold on to a safe hand, and up to 20 meters up in the trees for the toughest.

Fun zip linesWe have the most zip lines in all of Oslo with trails that together stretch over 1000 meters! All zip-lines are included in the trails and it is unfortunately not possible to drive / buy only zip-lines. Zip-line is a wire track where you sail through the air past trees, above the ground and high above Tårnbakken. Guaranteed airy experiences!

KnøtteparkWe also have our own dedicated climbing park for the very young. Knøtteparken starts at 0.5 meters above the ground and has 10 elements, everything from balancing on logs to zip-line. The joy of mastery is great and you hear the joy a long way! The trail is suitable for boys from 3 years and up. Adults who accompany the children on the trail do not have to pay.

Trails for adults and children For the slightly older children (over 110cm) there are slightly more airy and more challenging trails. In the climbing trail for families, father and mother follow the children under 12 years up in the trees. If you like excitement, you will also find challenging and physically demanding trails. Here you can take a real workout and we have guaranteed challenges for everyone!

The climbing park is also popular when it rains – bring rainwear!

Environmentally friendly The climbing park is built so that they do not destroy or degrade the trees in the forest.

As a sustainable business, we focus on protecting the natural environment at all stages: design, construction, construction and operation. Our business is based on the long-term health of the forest, and we respect our natural playground. All activities are arranged in a sustainable way so that they do not destroy or degrade the environment.

Some examples: • We have not drilled through the trees to build our platforms • The climbing park is designed and engineered so that the trees can grow without restriction • Trails and paths are naturally located without disturbing nature • We use the latest technology and an independent arborist who monitors the health of the trees used in the slopes • The quality and colors of materials are chosen to be integrated into the terrain

Safety Safety is always most important and you get mandatory training and necessary equipment before you head out into the park on your own. The price includes a climbing harness and helmet. If you want gloves, you can buy them at the checkout at a reasonable price.

All children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult up on the slopes. At least one adult per 3 children.