Corporate Events

It is nothing new that physical activity can have a positive effect on both the business and employees. Equally important is being able to work together and have fun! All of this can sometimes be difficult to achieve in an otherwise hectic everyday life. We at Skimore Oslo believe that we have the perfect solution for you and your business.

Business training – Bulk sales of lift tickets

How about adding an optional joint training class a week for everyone who wants it? Skiing as a form of exercise is pure reindeer fun that provides versatile training and challenges for the whole body.

We are committed to delivering flexible solutions that allow as many people as possible to participate in skiing and training with us. Our experience is that it is rarely the same employees who visit from week to week, and that there are often more who want to participate in a race that marks the end of the training period. We therefore offer the purchase of bulk lift tickets to companies at a favorable price.

The cards can be freely used for training, social events or awards for employees. In addition, you are free to use the lift passes for customer care or for partners. The cards cannot be used for resale and can only be used this season. The cards can be used freely for training, social events or awards for employees. In addition, you are free to use the lift passes for customer care or for partners. The cards cannot be used for resale.

Teambuilding – 5-match

How good are you really at collaborating and solving tasks together? Do you have the right people in the right places and not least, do you trust each other? Cooperation, delegation and organization are A&O in tasks that are to be solved jointly. Regardless of whether you work in a joint team on a daily basis, it is fun to be able to do it in other ways and in a different environment than what you are used to on a daily basis. We therefore offer a 5-match concept where you really have to work together. Here you have to show that you can quickly solve different situations together. Here we guarantee many challenges and some aha experiences to take home.

Ski / Family day for employees

How about inviting all employees to an activity day out just like the primary schools have? Give it to the employees as a reward for achieving sales goals, a well-executed project, or just because you think the health of your employees is important. With us you get favorable prices on lift tickets and rentals. In addition, we have the opportunity to reserve an area in the facility only for you with both campfire and music. If you want to stretch it a little further, we can always arrange a family day for all employees, where everyone’s families meet and enjoy great winter weather.

Different sales / customer meeting

Do you want to give a little extra or bring out in a slightly different way what exactly your business stands for? In Skimore Oslo, you have the opportunity to book meeting rooms for the professional, eat lunch in a lavvo, and then together take a trip out into nature where the good agreements are often signed. Think new, here it is you who set the limits!

As additional products we can deliver:

Training coaching Coach from the ski school gives tips and advice on technique, or simply a park introduction for adults. We can also bring in professional athletes from alpine or jibb if desired.

Prep course Our good boys in the workshop give good advice on prep, grinding and waxing of skis. It is also possible with a guided tour of the workshop for those who are particularly interested.

Equipment In our rental you will find high quality equipment and we also offer our own test center for racing in Wyller this season.

NB: Group discount only applies on weekdays.

Feel free to contact us for more information and prices at [email protected]