Respect the climbing park’s safety rules.

  • You must have undergone safety training before participating in any of the activities in the climbing park.
  • Make sure you understand what is being covered in the safety training. Ask if anything is unclear.
  • Persons under the age of 18 must have the approval of a guardian to participate in activities

Children under:

  • Children under 160cm can not climb red and black trails.
  • 6 years must have an adult on green trails.

Safety equipment

  • The harness must be tight at all times
  • If you remove the harness, or are unsure whether it is fitted correctly, contact an instructor to check the harness immediately.
  • When moving on the trails / obstacles, you should ALWAYS be secured.
  • The safety equipment must be treated nicely – remember; there is safety equipment.


  • Read the notice for each activity / obstacle before you start.
  • Obstacles and activities have height and age requirements – read the notice before using the activity.
  • Make sure there is no one else on the zip line before connecting the pulley
  • Do not touch the zip line when you are moving
  • In the event of any damage, near misses or faults and deficiencies in the system, the staff must be contacted immediately.
  • Long hair should be put in the ponytail.

Access to the activities is not allowed for:

  • People under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.
  • Pregnant
  • Maximum weight for climbers: 120kg.

Access to the activities is not recommended for:

  • People with back or neck problems
  • People with disease that affects the heart / lungs, or who have other physical challenges

When buying a ticket to Oslo Summer Park, you agree to have read and understood the safety rules that apply to Oslo Summer Park’s activities. You understand that if the safety rules are broken, this can have serious consequences. Use of the elevation park can lead to risk which in the worst case can lead to injury or death. You also understand that as a consequence of broken regulations can be expelled from the activity without refund of the ticket if I do not follow the safety rules.

You who are registered are over 18 years of age or a guardian for a person under 18 years of age. As a parent, you hereby give your child permission for the activities in Oslo Summer Park. You are responsible for ensuring that a parent follows / takes care of their own child and cannot leave this responsibility to employees in Oslo Summer Park.

You who book for a group, take responsibility for informing other group participants about self-declaration and the safety rules in Oslo Summer Park