School Activities

School offers apply Monday to Friday 10:00 – 16:00 excluding holidays.

Remember that the teacher must pay collectively for all students and hand out lift tickets to all students outside the ticket sales to get the school price.

You can pay in cash, bank card or by requisition. Remember to inform us about how you want to pay. We accept municipal requisitions with resource number and requisition number.

· Students receive lift passes on one-off passes that are discarded after use.

· The lift card is stored in the left pocket. The ticket is valid in the period 10.00-16.00.

· One free lift pass / rental to teacher per 20 school passes purchased on the same day

· Rental of equipment costs 220 kroner per person. Remember identification.

· Lift tickets cost 220 kroner per student / teacher.

· Rental of cabinets costs 60 kroner.

· You must confirm your visit and number at least 48 hours before you come to [email protected] to receive this award.

Attendance for schools is always outside the Toppsenteret.
We open Toppsenteret 30 minutes before the ordinary opening for collection and payment of school cards. The teacher can therefore arrive at 9:30.

Barbecue areas for schools:
There is a barbecue for common use outside the lavvo on Hyttli top. You have to be responsible for the charcoal.
Bring-in food can be eaten in the lavvo.