The country’s leading ski and snowboard Ski-service.

Our ski workshop is the country’s most advanced and complete provider of slip and repair of skis and snowboards. Through close collaboration with machine suppliers and wax manufacturers, we are always at the forefront of development. That is why we also collaborate with several of eastern Norway’s leading sports shops.

Hefty machine park;

The grinding department has the largest and roughest machine Wintersteiger has ever sold in Scandinavia, in addition we have three more stone grinding machines. One for snowboarding and two for cross-country skiing. We also have belt sanders, wound fillers, heating cabinets, infrared hot waxes, lubricators, brush machines, “sickle” machines (!), and a lot of other things.


In the repair department, we have a handful of special tools and dupedits that Tomm has made or adapted over the past 50 years. We can repair almost all damage to skis and boards. Whether the ski is cracked, broken, chipped or shattered, we can fix it. We replace steel edges, soles and otherwise almost anything.

All this in order to offer you as a customer the optimal result.

More than 90 years of experience;

We who work in the workshop have worked with skiing since the last century, and are dedicated to the subject on the verge of the nerdy.

NOTE: The ski workshop is located in Wyller, Zinoberveien 16. All equipment has to be delivered here, NOT Toppsenteret on the top of Tryvann.

Questions? Feel free to contact us on 40 10 22 10, or [email protected]
We dont reply questions regarding Skimore membership and app.