Ski Patrol


Contact the ski patrol if anyone is injured
The ski patrol in Skimore Oslo consists of employees with medical experience and knowledge. There is always a ski patrol on duty when we are open, which at all times carries a radio with connections connected to all lift guards, cashiers, operations managers, etc.

Guidelines for injuries:

  1. If there is an injury while skiing, or you should see someone who is injured: Contact one of our employees on the slopes, preferably lift guards or checkout staff. Remember to state where the injured person is (which hill) so there is no extra time to look for the person. We would like to have observations about the course of events from witnesses
  2. Call the ski roll directly: 92 87 22 72
  3. The ski patrol will come to the scene and take care of the injured
  4. Depending on the damage and where in the facility the damage occurred, the injured party will be transported to either;
    -Ship patrol room at Toppsenteret, entrance at the back of the building. Then private car or ambulance
    -Wyller area by Wyllerstua. Then private car or ambulance

    Remember rule NO 10:
    HELP IN THE EVENT OF ACCIDENTS – In the event of injuries, everyone has a duty to help. Witnesses and participants are obliged to state personal details.