Terrain Park

One of Norway’s best parks!

With major events such as the X-Games, Youth Olympics, Snowboard World Championships and Artic Challenge in recent years, Oslo has really been put on the map as one of Norway’s best ski and snowboard park destinations.

In addition to these events, we also have parks for those who thrive better on smaller elements, with a blue degree of difficulty both on terrain park and SnowCross. The cabin park with Red difficulty level, contains, among other things, a rail and jump lines, in addition to a mini-pipe.

BlåparkenOur blue park has simple elements, jumps and rails that are suitable for you with little or limited experience in the park. The blue park is perfect for introduction to children and it is also well suited for you who want to practice the tricks a little more before you set out in the red park.

RødparkenRødparken is a little more difficult and suits you who have advanced to very good. The red park consists of various elements such as large jumps and rails.

PipeHalfpipen can be found in our park area in Hyttli (midway between Tryvann and Wyller)

Big Air Arena The Big Air Arena can be found in Wyller in the old super pipe.

We have a strong focus on safety and it is important that all riders in the park have read and understood the safety rules. Drivers who break safety rules may be expelled from the area. Also encourages all guests to ride with a helmet.

Whether you like the blue or red park the best, there is always a lot of fun here!